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Quick Review

Fresh turmeric flavors brighter, more aromatic, and somewhat less bitter when compared to its powdered form. As we all are well known for its forefront benefits, have you still tried fresh turmeric in cooking? 


They are a bright ✨ orange root-like stem and belong to the ginger family with amazing healing properties like treating a skin condition, inflammation, and infections. 


How to prepare them?

It’s that simple to peel, grate and slice it. 

Let’s discuss this in detail…


Using a vegetable peeler, try slicing the skin until you obtain its colorful and earthly aroma. Finely grate the root using a Microplane grater. Last but not least, you get a sticky orange residue leftover in the grater. 


Based on a recent study, one-inch fresh turmeric is equivalent to one tablespoon of freshly grated turmeric or one teaspoon of ground turmeric. 


We strive to deliver Natural Food for Health and reach your kitchen very fast.


Enjoy Fresh Turmeric with Simple Recipes

  • Turmeric Tea

Mix ¼ lemon juice 1 inch peeled & grated fresh turmeric + 1 pinch ground black pepper+ little water. Enjoy your healthy drink…

  • Super tasty morning smoothies

Blend fresh turmeric into your favorite smoothies and have a kick-starting in the morning.

  • Egg dishes

A pinch of fresh turmeric is grated and sprinkled in omelets and scrambled eggs.

  • Try in a Yogurt dressing

Blend 1 inch peeled fresh turmeric+ 50ml virgin olive oil+ 1 tsp runny honey 🍯 + 50ml yogurt. Accordingly, add little water to combat the consistency.

  • Get a hot golden milk

Have 300ml of milk added with 1-inch peel and grated fresh turmeric in a pan? Allow the mix to heat rather than boiling. Strain them and pour honey to flavor sweet.


Store Fresh Turmeric

Initially clean your turmeric root. Let it dry and then get it wrapped in a paper towel. Remove all excess moisture content and store them in the fridge in airtight bags. This will remain fresh for a couple of weeks. It could last for up to 6 months when frozen. 


Try it!!

Hope you all acknowledged this article. Check out various recipes using fresh turmeric this weekend!! Share your comments on your favorite dishes. 


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